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3 reasons why Haliburton Cottage Rentals is your number-one choice

icon Trust

Trust & Reputation

We have built our business on the trust we have earned over the years through relationships with people just like you. We know you’ll want to hear about what others say about Haliburton Cottage Rentals.

icon Experience

Experience & connections

Years of living, working, and playing in Haliburton cottage rental country means we know Haliburton – our lakes, rivers, towns, tours, trails, sites, history, culinary hot spots, retail, sports attractions like skiing and golfing … but most of all, the people and their Haliburton cottage rentals. You name it, we know it.

icon Dedication

Dedication, Determination, & Skill

Identifying the perfect Haliburton cottage rental for you takes skill. We are dedicated and determined to install essence of your desired cottage experience to ensure your cottage rental choice fits you and your family.

Your Haliburton Cottage Rentals Team

You work hard. And if there’s ever a time to “relax hard,” it’s now. You have the dream. We make it happen. We’ll help you find your perfect Haliburton cottage rental.

Skye Austen, Owner/Operator

Skye Austen, owner/operator of Haliburton Cottage Rentals, is a permanent resident in Haliburton. When you’re here, she’s here. Haliburton has always been Skye’s home – as a resident, a businesswoman involved in multiple successful projects and companies, and a lifetime cottager.

Haliburton Cottage Rentals is a “sister company” to Troy Austen, Team Haliburton Highlands RE/MAX – in more ways than one! As Troy’s sister, Skye works closely with his team when Haliburton Cottage Rentals clients find they love their Haliburton cottage rental experience so much, they want to have a place to call their own.

When not working, Skye and her husband Wayne keep busy with their family. An incredibly active family, you’ll find them slalom skiing at sunrise, driving boats, on the slopes, walking, hiking, and biking ’til sundown. The passion for fitness runs deep. Check out Skye Cycle, her popular Indoor Cycling/TRX/Bootcamp studio in the heart of the Haliburton Village. For Skye, much joy also comes from cooking and entertaining family and friends at home at her Haliburton cottage.

Skye Austen, Owner/Operator

Skye Austen

Troy Austen, Owner/Operator

Troy Austen, Owner/Operator

Since 1996, Troy Austen has been a leading Real Estate Sales Representative in Haliburton County. As co-owner of Team Haliburton Highlands REMAX (THH), he leads a top-sales team and brings valuable experience and insight to Haliburton Cottage Rentals.

A 5th-generation fulltime Haliburtonian and cottager, Troy has a wealth of connections in the local and real estate community, having developed an extensive network of professionals, businesses, trades, and friends who help him provide excellence in service for buyers, sellers, and renters. 

The cottage rental business is now a major industry in the Haliburton Highlands. Through THH, Troy has been providing rental services to select clients and sees Haliburton Cottage Rentals as not only his sister’s company, but a sister company. Syncing his business with a cottage rental service is a natural, complementary fit. For many years now, his clients have been purchasing and renting investment properties or renting their cottages to pay for upgrades. Relying on Troy, a trusted partner, to manage all aspects of renting is easy and
brings his clients peace of mind.

 Troy’s love for the outdoors has nourished his knowledge of what this picturesque part of the Ontario landscape has to offer. It’s safe to say that there isn’t a lake that Troy hasn’t explored; he knows what everyone can expect from the different waters and regions in the County. 

If you are looking for a dependable management group, Troy is thrilled to welcome you to Haliburton Cottage Rentals and to help you feel secure in your decision to rent your property or rent the perfect home away from home

Morgan Roberts, Client Services Specalist

Morgan has lived in Haliburton County for the past thirteen years. Her family bought a home on Beech River which connects the lakes of Boshkung, Little Boshkung, and Twelve Mile. Since moving here she has lived on many Lakes including Halls, Maple, Jim Beef, and cottages on Percy Lake. Her knowledge of the different areas in Haliburton is extensive as Morgan has spent many hours exploring in both the summer and winter months. Whether it was summer days out on the lake boating or snowshoeing around the lakes in the winter months. She knows the ins and outs of Haliburton County. Morgan’s husband Braden Roberts was born and raised in Haliburton County – the 6th generation of his family to make our beautiful Haliburton Highlands home.

She just finished building a home with Braden, and in doing so, has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding building, and design about everything else that goes into making a house (and a cottage!) a home. It has developed her love for creating spaces that are warm and welcoming which gives her great insight when talking to you about what you’re looking for in a cottage.

Morgan is currently in the middle of getting her Real Estate license. Once she is licensed she will be our Sales Representative Cottage Specialist. With Morgan’s husband being in real estate for the past seven years she has been immersed in real estate. Learning about the market changes, cottagers needs and wants, and becoming more and more familiar with Haliburton and everything it has to offer.

A bonified “people person,” Morgan is outgoing, honest, and goal-oriented. Always ready to take on the next adventure – your perfect cottage rental! – she loves making people comfortable and happy. Ensure Haliburton Cottage Rentals meets your every need and want!

Morgan Roberts, Client Services Specalist

Morgan Sherlock

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