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Are You Interested in Becoming a Host?

Unlock your earning potential and open your door to hosting

Millions of people around the world have opened the space they love to families and individuals who want to get away from it all and head to the lake.

At the same time, you love your space, but you may not need it all the time. Becoming a Haliburton host is the ideal way to get the flexibility you need while adding a new revenue stream.

You decide how much time you want to spend at your beloved getaway & how much time you want to offer your space to others. While Haliburton Cottage Rentals does the rest, making this new revenue stream the easiest, most rewarding experience.

We'll help you be successful

Here are some of the services we can provide for cottage management:


Scheduling bookings, vet all renters prior to booking


Maintenance, bedding, cottage checking and cleaning


Advertising, design, and photography

We are more than happy to explain the process and answer any questions that you may have!

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How to become a host

Do you have a cottage or home that you are looking to rent out? We make it easy for you.


Set up your property

The best way to evaluate your property is to book an appointment


Get the perfect match

We will find the right renters best suited for your property


Start earning

We process the payments and you receive the balance

Curated Cottage Design

Inspired by a genuine love for Haliburton, Real Estate and Interior Design we are offering curated cottage design packages to assist in getting your cottage on the rental market.


Choose from one of our three design packages; Boutique, Premium, & Elite.


New pillows, bedside lamps, mirrors, duvet covers, greenery and so much more.

Interested in hosting with us. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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